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December 17
Step to Power Independence

December 15, 2015 in the context of the investment program of PJSC “Dneprospetsstal” named after A. N. Kuzmin the system for storage and gasification of liquid oxygen was put into operation on the basis of the equipment rented out by PJSC “Linde Gas Ukraine”.

How It All Began

This March the investment project “The reconstruction of oxygen equipment with the system for storage and gasification of liquid oxygen installation” was planned in our Plant. The reason to release the project was growth of oxygen consumption in PJSC “Zaporozhstal”. Therefore, oxygen supplies to Dneprospetstal from our neighbors were fully stopped from August 2014.

This situation prompted specialists of Dneprospetstal to search for new suppliers. In the light of the situation, the contract with PJSC “Linde Gas Ukraine” for liquid oxygen supply has been signed. Under the terms of the contract liquid oxygen undergoes gasification at OJSC “Zaporozhstal” and is supplied to our systems being already in gaseous state.

The decision to design and construct a station for storage and gasification of liquid oxygen was made and the corresponding tenders were held. As the result of it, “Zaporozhsky Promstroyproekt” Design Institute was the winner in designing and PJSC “Linde Gas Ukraine” was the winner in equipment rental.

Long-Expected opening

Putting storage and gasification of liquid oxygen system in operation is a really significant event. The reconstruction of oxygen equipment will let Dneprospetsstal move toward power independence and provide production stability as oxygen is one of the most important components in many technological operations at the factory.

Participants of opening ceremony were chairmen, chiefs of shops and divisions of Dneprospetsstal, design engineers of “Zaporozhskiy Promstroyproekt” Design Institute, master workmen of “Perspectiva” manufacturing company, “ZMS-93” Ltd., “APS-Kiev” Ltd. as well as our partners and friends, members of “Linde Gas Ukraine” company. It is a great team of specialists our Plant has done a great job with and the result of that job was this new complex.

Vitaliy Kornievskiy, Acting Chairman of the Board at Dneprospetsstal, made an opening speech for the guests.

– “Linde” headed by Frank Eichel, Chairman of the “Linde Gas Ukraine” Board, is a global company which proved itself to be an example of working with industrial gases at global market. German specialists have a great number of techniques. It is always a pleasure to work with the leaders of global market in their field, – said Vitaliy Nikolaevich.

Opening ceremony made Dneprospetsstal’s workers experience double feelings: on the one hand great happiness and pride for their home Plant and the desire not to stop on the other hand, only move forward and implement new projects.

– Dneprospetsstal, and Ukraine as a whole, needs reconstruction and innovations, – said Vitaliy Kornievskiy. – 2015 was a difficult year for us, all factory workers know well how difficult the Plant is working at the moment. But, nevertheless, this year it is the second object we developed (the start of reheating furnace 15 in forge and press shop took place in June). And I want to say that we keep moving, just in 10 days we are going to test one more furnace in the heat-treating shop. Next year we will implement 10 more furnaces in different shops of the Plant.

Despite difficult time and economic conditions we still do the job that will regain for results of our team. Many people worked hard to realize that complex. Designers, master workmen, constructors are among them and power engineers and electricians of our Plant made special contribution to the project release.

Frank Eichel, Chairman of the “Linde Gas Ukraine” Board, made an inaugural speech for all Dneprospetsstal workers:

– We have been working in Ukraine for quite a long time. During this period we found many partners, who we share the experience with and help to embody their ideas. But for all these years, this is the first time our clients invited us to take part in such a ceremony. It is a great honor for our company. We are glad to be involved in this event and help with the important job. We hope that the project is the beginning of our partnership, that we still be good partners from now and help each other to develop and embody projects exchanging our knowledge.

Project Tasks

Due to the project of putting the system for storage and gasification of liquid oxygen in operation the reconstruction of existing oxygen supply system of the Plant with the changeover of existing lead-ins to the new main line from storage has built with further preservation of the existing factory consumption system.

The main aim of the project is energy security and power independence of our Plant as well as providing of production stability. The main oxygen consumers at DSS are GOR section of steelmaking shop-2, steelmaking shop-2, steelmaking shop-3, steelmaking shop-5 and repairing needs of the Plant.

The system for storage and gasification of liquid oxygen has the following things installed:

- two oxygen storage tanks with a total volume of 110.64 m3;

- two pressure buildup vaporizers;

- six ambient vaporizers with total output of 5520 nm3 per hour;

- unit of gaseous oxygen pressure maintenance;

- two flow metering units of gaseous oxygen;

- cryogenic piping with isolation valves;

- gaseous oxygen piping to new and reconstructed scaffolding.

Our Partners

PJSC “Linde Gas Ukraine” is the biggest company in the world in Linde Group industrial gas production. The company was found in 1878 by Carl von Linde and today it works in more than 130 countries in the world. Linde Group comprises two subdivisions: Linde Gas (industrial gas production) and Linde Engineering (equipment manufacturing for chemical industry).

PJSC “Linde Gas Ukraine” is on the market since 2000 when the gas enterprise was bought in Dnepropetrovsk (“Dneprokislorod”). From the beginning of activity in Ukraine the company has made major investments to the development. In 2009 in Kurakhovo (Donetsk oblast) a new modern air separation block, 3 new modern cylinder filling stations (in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kalush) and a new station for acetylene cylinders production and filling in Dnepropetrovsk were constructed and implemented.

In January 2015 Dneprospetsstal signed a contract with PJSC “Linde Gas Ukraine” for equipment rental for storage and gasification of liquid oxygen of 3 years duration.

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