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Ecology - Social Responsibility - Dneprospetsstal
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Our goal is to create an environmentally safe business. Because environmental protection means concern about people's health - our company employees and residents of the entire Zaporozhye region.

DSS invests significant funds annually into environmental projects. Our main work in this area includes installation of purification equipment and the introduction of energy saving technologies.

As of now Dneprospetsstal has fully fulfilled its water protection responsibilities envisaged by the Environmental Program of the Zaporozhye Regional Council. The AMIAD post-treatment filtration system was launched in the steel rolling shop in order to decrease the amount of waste process water discharged in the sludge collection tank by one million cubic meters per year. Also the pump systems were built and put into operation to redirect process water into the company's water recirculation system from steel melting shop number one and the sizing workshop. This reduced the usage of clean water by five hundred thousand cubic meters per year.

Now our main task is to resolve the problem of industrial emissions into the atmosphere. According to official information from the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, in 2005, the volume of pollutants emitted due to the operations of JSC "Dneprospetsstal" amounted to 1.37% of the total emissions in the region. In 2006 the volume of emissions fell by approximately 6% of the total. In the next three years five gas purification units will be constructed in the steel melting shops at Dneprospetsstal. The arc furnaces in steel melting shops number one and three account for the bulk of the company's atmospheric emissions in the form of dust. The project provides for overhead canopies to be installed over the furnaces as well as baghouse filters which will reduce emission levels by 80%. The cost of the entire project in today's prices is seventy-five million hryvnias.

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