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January 8
Production results of the year

It's time to line up the results of the production year. We offer to look at the results not in terms of performance but rather in terms of achievements.


Project of investment program - 2015 consists of 17 reaching and 136 new first-priority projects.

The most important of them are:

The first commercial project is construction of the local electric boiler at nitrogen station of Power-plant shop; the project is on the final stage now. Boiler house was put into operation in February. Currently, finishing operations are ending. The project is aimed at steam consumption reduction and the financial savings on heating consequently.

The second commercially significant project is modernization of the heating furnace # 15 in Press-forge shop. It is intended to reduce the natural gas consumption at metal heating.

Also, this year, the project of designing the system for liquid oxygen storage and gasification has been approved.

Ferritometers and machine for voltage concentrators manufacture for the impact strength testing in the Test shop were purchased to provide quality assurance.

About the scale

The heating furnace # 15 in Press forge shop - is a pilot project. 41 heating and thermal furnaces will be reconstructed after the project fulfillment. Today, reconstruction of the furnace # 10 in the heat-treating department is at the final stage. It ought to show gas savings of about 50%. All this is within the frames of a strategic project for reconstruction of plant’s furnace equipment. Oxygen storage, which was formally opened on December, 15 – is our first step towards energy independence.

The expected effect of the implementation of all planned investments:

The reduction of production costs through the introduction of energy-saving technologies.

The energy independence of the Enterprise in terms of energy supply.

Maintaining of the current state of the plant and the stability of production departments and devices.


We will focus just on the largest devices of the plant. Preventive maintenance of 3200 tons press was performed in press-forge shop during one work shift in April, 7.

Corrective maintenance of radial forging machine (RFM) 1000 was performed in forge shop from April, 1 to April, 7.

Preventive maintenance of the rolling mill "1050" was performed in rolling-mill shop from May, 3 to May, 6

Overhaul maintenance of mill "1050" was performed from August, 27 to September, 2. In particular, large parts were purchased and ordered at « SKMZ » PJSC (Kramatorsk) to repair 900 tons shearing.

Overhaul maintenance of 6000 tons press was made in press-forge shop from October, 27 to November, 22.

These activities also contribute in maintaining of current state of the plant and work stability of the production department and equipment units.

Quality testing

On April 9, joint testing of our products quality was carried out together with our neighbors in the industrial area. Particularly, there were produced samples of stainless and heat-treatable grades of Dneprospetsstal’s steels which were directed for tests in two independent from each other structural divisions of PJSC Dneprospetsstal and JSC Zaporozhstal respectively.

Thereby, we have confirmed the high quality of products we offer, qualification of our personnel and accuracy of the test equipment. Our Control laboratory annually passes quality conformance testing as well. Regular assessment, received by our experts in interlaboratory comparative tests, proves the high quality level of Dneprospetsstal products.

Increasing of customer confidence in our products quality is the main result of these measures.

Next-Generation Technologies

Leading-edge technology have been defined in sphere of ESR bearing steel production - it is remelting of 195mm square rolled electrodes using ESR-method into 350 and 415 mm mould with flux ANF-6. Experimental technologies – with and without vacuum degassing providing melting of initial metal with low basicity of slag with purpose to produce a higher sulfur content in the range of 0,008-0,018% in the initial metal manufactured in Steel melting Shop-3 for the subsequent ESR remelting in Steel Melting Shop-5.

It allowed producing more clean section rolling stock of experienced metal, especially in the part of globular inclusions, as more problematic regarding conformance to the requirements. The main “battle” is the phosphorus issue.

Justly, the thesis deduced by outstanding metallurgists, says: "The one who resolves the phosphorus issue in high-chrome alloy, will win the Nobel Prize."

Today, melting is performed by two technological processes accepted at our plant (either with full oxidation or melting of waste products).

First of all, the phosphorus issue arises during melting of waste products, when we miss something due to lack of the records and use of normative documents with various requirements to the phosphorus and sulfur content.

There is a special program developed against this phenomenon:

The first point obliges to produce medium and high-carbon steel grades with a steel refining in the electric arc furnace prior to tool steel melting.

The second point focuses on the fact that the charge calculation must be based on steel producing with a phosphorus content not exceeding the requirements to the chemical composition of steel.

The third point states – in case when the phosphorous content does not exceed the upper level after oxidizing period, microelements addition shall be performed using A-class ferroalloys at processing in ladle furnace or LF + vacuum degasser.

It is suggested to make some amendments in technological instructions in addition to all the above mentioned measures.

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