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May 5
Tube&Wire 2014

«Tube&Wire 2014» – is not just the event name, it is an international field for manufacturers and customers of metal products, facilities, raw materials and logistics from all over the world. 2500 companies from more than 70 countries took part in the Trade Show this year. 72 thousands of visitors came to Dusseldorf, Germany to attend this special event from 7th to 11th of April.

Dneprospetsstal traditionally takes part in “Tube&Wire” Trade Show. The best showpieces and presentations exhibition is conducted twice a year. The event measures are impressing: 17 exhibition pavilions each of two football fields in size. A huge area – the real field for solving all the industrial problems – new markets search and clear-cut ascendancy with the world leading companies.

Our Company was represented by Chairman of the Board Vitaliy Kornievsky, Deputy Sales Director – Head of Sales Department Alexander Shabanov and Deputy Technical Director Igor Logozinsky.

– The most important for us was to hear our clients, to know their hopes, requirements, wishes and understanding of perspectives, - Alexander Shabanov noticed. – Not less important task – is to calm our customers as for the political situation in the country, to explain them that everything is okay here. The Company is still operating, the steel products are manufactured, raw materials are coming to Company without any breakdowns, the steel is melted, the metal is rolled – everybody is busy with his job that is why it is no need to worry about something. We meet all the commitments owed to the customers in full and in time. All the problems are solvable, all the more so, as we feel our partners’ approval.

Thanks to the Trade Show the top-managers of Dneprospetsstal assured the whole Europe and others that DSS works steady and efficiently, and Company’s stuff works conscientiously. This dialogue helped a lot because a number of the customers were calmed down.

– It is gratifying to emphasize that all our clients as one marked the high quality of Dneprospetsstal’s products, as well as strict terms of orders fulfilling, - Alexander Nikolaevich continued. – This moves DSS into the category of European blow vendors which is of great importance nowadays. Absolutely all of the event members praised our work and marked that our Company manufactures and delivers the products on term that is why it is a pleasure to cooperate with us. There was not a company to say that the political situation in our country prohibits cooperating with us. All the Europeans and not only them – there were the representatives of North and South America and Asia – mentioned that they will continue our mutual collaboration and that they hope for the recent easing of the situation.

As for the new sales markets search – nowadays the situation justifies the fact that old friends are best. The top priority for us now – is not to lose our clients, to calm them down and to give them hope, for they believe in us! The clients from about 60 countries, including Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, USA and many others, where we deliver our goods, are ready to continue to cooperate with us. Besides, our abroad partners have a number of ideas and suggestions which were handed to our technical services for working through with the aim of fulfilling the new orders and products.

The representatives from Russia visited the "Tube&Wire” Trade Show as well, by the way. Our partners from Russian Federation remain optimistic too.

– We keep the level of normal human and working relations, – Head of Sales Department summarizes. – Neither our Russian partners no we suffer any negative effects. Everyone understands the fact that it is a period of trial today. But none of the Russian partners refused of cooperation. More than that, we feel a special warmth, approval, comfort and understanding of the thing that we shall consolidate our work.

To sum it up

The stability of our Company depends today on the well-coordinated work of every person. We shall continue working fulfilling our obligations honestly as we used to do up to now. We have professionals at our production and technological services. It is due to our staff that Dneprospetsstal is worldwide known as a manufacturer of high-quality products of special steel and alloys.

Almost all Dneprospetsstal products is in demand in Europe. All the steel grades. Mainly we give the nod to so-called expensive steel grades – stainless, tool, powder steel grades.

We are able to do our best in order to our Company staying the area of stability for the whole team-spirited workforce. Just in such a way we will be able to overcome all the hardships and shape the future with certainty.

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