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Steel making process at DSS is represented with four steel melting shops.

The powder metallurgy shop is equipped with a 4-ton induction furnace. ASEA-STORA process is used for producing more than 30 high-speed and tool steel grades conforming to the requirements of GOST, DIN, ASTM standards; ASEA-STORA process is represented with cold and hot-isostatic pressing at 1100-1150° and 1000 atm.

Melting in the Steel melting shop No.2 is performed in an open electric-arc furnace followed by converting and processing in a ladle furnace, which allows obtaining of low-carbon corrosion resistant stainless steel. The shop is equipped with an 8-ton induction furnace for producing heat-resistant steels and special alloys.

Steel melting shop No.3 produces high-quality steel by means of semi-product processing in Danieli ladle furnace with further vacuum degassing of melt in Mannesmann Demag vacuum degasser.

Steel melting shop No.5 is equipped with ESR and VAR furnaces of different capacities, which enable to produce 0,9-6,0 ton ingots and 9,3-20,0 ton plate ingots. ESR technology allows to produce steel and special alloys for the major industries, such as: aeronautical, defence, as well as thermal and nuclear power.

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